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Sue Anne is an amazing voice teacher and a generally magical human being. I came to Sue Anne a couple of years ago with no singing experience at all and was quite shy about singing. She has been more encouraging and positive than I could have imagined from a voice teacher. She has worked with me thoroughly on everything from breathing technique and stretches, vocal warmups and exercises, overcoming emotional barriers, song interpretation, and physiology of singing. She has a profound understanding of human anatomy and the inner workings of the body and is able to break things down on a physical level which has been very helpful and also interesting to learn about. She is also extremely sensitive in working through any emotional blocks and tension. I now feel confident in my voice, and am forever grateful to her. If you're looking for a truly expert teacher and singer who will kindly and gently push you to your limits, you've found her.

Maya C.

Sue Anne is wonderful!

I came to New York for school and to further my training and aspiration to pursue musical theatre. I saw Sue Anne's ad in Hunter College. Her work focuses on how to sing naturally, something I have always tended to struggle with. I often found myself losing my voice the night before my musical's opening night, because of my constant belting and lack of a balanced relationship between my head voice and chest voice. After being with Sue Anne for a few months, my voice has felt and sounded much healthier! I have gained knowledge of the parts of the body involved in singing and especially breathing, and now instead of wailing away at any high note, I am singing with more ease. Sue Anne is an amazingly talented, knowledgeable and lovely teacher and person. I am ecstatic to have met her, and look forward to hopefully what will be many more months of lessons!

Catherine M.

I have the great fortune of having Sue Anne Gershenzon as my vocal instructor.   I have had other voice teachers, however Sue Anne’s personal mastery of the craft, her patience, and her very informative and creative style of teaching has enabled my singing to rise to a new level.  I can sing freely and openly for the first time in my life.  I never thought it possible. She is a fabulous teacher. I am so grateful that the Universe brought me to her!

Shelley A.

Great Teacher!

Sue Ann is simply great! She's a professional with a lot of experience, and lots of positive energy. As another reviewer mentioned, I too saw an add about singing lessons at Hunter College, and even though this is not my field at all, I decided to give it a try. I like singing and since I teach I use my voice a lot, and Sue Ann taught me how to breathe properly and not to stress my neck and throat when using my voice. The breathing exercises that she gave me were a real existential breakthrough for me. I can finally breath correctly with my diaphragm and I feel like I don't have to fight anymore to get air in my lungs! How relaxing! It just feels great, like nature intended (stress and bad habits tend to get in the way of that natural state).
I hope I will be able to take more classes with her in the future. If you're looking for a singing coach, I highly recommend her.

Laura V.


Sue Anne Gershenzon is a life changing vocal teacher! I’m an actress who loved to sing when I was younger, but developed fears and anxiety around singing as time progressed. Sue Anne’s amazing technique and exercises helped me conquer my fears. Her positive approach and warm personality made me feel safe and comfortable. After working with Sue Anne, my voice is finally free and open; no more constriction or tension! She knows exactly what to do (how to breathe, what to release) and what to say to help you to learn to sing the correct way! She has a beautiful, positive spirit that is an absolute joy to be around. Look no further, this is your next voice teacher, you’ll be so pleased you found her, as I am.

Valerie Lonigro (Actress)

Sue Anne is such a pleasure to work with and just a delight to see each week. Her approach combines a strong focus on technique with a gentle and supportive holistic mind/body/spirit viewpoint. She is extremely knowledgeable and articulate, her lessons combine a variety of excellent exercises around fundamental technique with a wealth of information about the anatomical and physiological process of singing. Her patient and thorough approach to technique really helps you to identify and release the tensions, physical and psychological, that stand in the way of your best singing. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Victoria Sollecito

I am so glad I found Sue’s flyer and began singing with her! I really wanted to build confidence and learn to express myself musically, but at first I was too nervous to even sing with her in a one-on-one lesson. Fast forward a year and I am now confidently singing in front of groups of people, in public! Her passion and expertise when it comes to the voice is truly remarkable. And her caring and kind energy was exactly what I needed in a coach. Thank you!

Dave P.

Sue Anne is an incredible voice teacher. I have had more than 5 voice teachers and she is by far the best. She focuses on the fundamentals of my vocal technique and thoroughly explains the purpose of each vocal exercise. Sue Anne also draws from acting techniques when applicable to the exercises or goals; I was particularly nervous about a performance and she gave me specific techniques to employ to ensure my voice would be at its best. Sue Anne is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her!

Elise Gonzolaz

Sue Anne has been my voice teacher for the past two years. I was a dancer for most of my life and I had hopes of going to college to study musical theatre. I had no previous voice training and she was able to build my voice from the ground up. She taught me everything I know from proper breathing technique to speaking my truth when performing. She helped me get into a college musical theatre program and I was the only freshman to have a principal role in the fall musical! If it wasn’t for her guidance and expertise, I wouldn’t be where I am today as a singer and performing artist. Sue Anne is truly one of the best out there!

Makayla LaBode

I met Sue Anne Gershenzon just a few months ago and am so grateful our paths have crossed! In a very short time Sue Anne has helped me make tremendous vocal strides. I have learned so much about my instrument, the way it works, how I must treat it, and how to approach music. I am learning how to free my voice and let my instrument override the confines of my mind. With Sue Anne’s help, I am rediscovering the joy of song without judgment, fear, and anxiety. Sue Anne is a voice teacher with many gifts. She is funny, warm, creative and highly-skilled. She herself has an incredible voice and is an inspiration to hear. With Sue Anne, I am experiencing music as a gift that should be expressed with joy and gratitude, rather than apprehension and hesitation. I highly, highly recommend Sue Anne Gershenzon for any and all singers, beginner and professional.

Respectfully, Rabbi Sarah Sapadin

Sue Anne is much more than an amazing vocal teacher. Having met her and taking her voice lessons, with her holistic approach, honestly changed my life.

I am originally from Brazil, and had been living in the U.S. for 10 years, where I graduated as a pharmacist and worked at 2 hospitals in NYC. I found her ad in one of the hospitals where she was an energy healer volunteer, and I immediately knew that those voice lessons would be life changing. I had always wanted to sing, and expand my artistic qualities, but always kept putting these needs aside. Once I started singing with Sue Anne, that one hour really made me think about all those things that I wanted so badly, and wasn’t finding time for. I had lessons with her for about 6 months, and her joy and happiness were contagious. I allowed myself to be happier, do more of the things I loved, and set goals for my life that I never thought of. In summary, I decided to leave the hospitals, where I was exhausted and unhappy, moved back to my country, opened my own business (something that I really loved and was passionate about), found my true love, and am much, much happier. Sue Anne was definitely the starting point to all these changes in my life, and I am forever grateful! As far as singing, I have tried other teachers and other methods, but I have decided my mentor has to be Sue Anne, so we are planning on re-starting our lessons, via Skype:). Good luck to all of you who are reading this review, I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Rachel Tavares

Five years ago I saw a sign at Hunter College, “Find Your Voice: Learn to Sing.” I wasn’t planning on learning to sing, but the wording, along with a Hirschfield drawing of the teacher, caught my attention. You know the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”? When I arrived at Sue Anne’s exquisite studio, I was intimidated, but my fears melted as we started talking because of her warm personality and sense of humor.

Sue Anne is especially attuned to the spiritual and psychological aspects of vocal expression. She immediately observed how I held my breath and constricted my voice from deep inside my throat. She compassionately, helped me identify my fears and correct these issues. Sue Anne had faith that I would overcome my obstacles even when I didn’t. I remember the day we both realized I was singing with no tension for the first time. It was a glorious moment. Sue Anne worked holistically to guide me there. With her caring guidance and expertise I am the singer I always dreamed I could be. I even feel more confident and free as a person. With Sue Anne’s wisdom, kindness and patience I’m singing like a bird!

Laura Waldman

Sue Anne Gershenzon is an excellent voice lessons instructor. She is friendly, patient and knowledgeable. The first day of our lessons she was able to easily evaluate the way I sang. She could see and explained that I did not need to use my throat muscles, neck muscles and shoulders in singing, and showed me how to use my diaphragm to allow air in and release it out. All I needed to do to sing was breathe!

My body was tight everywhere, so in class and for homework I exercised my tongue, relaxed my neck muscles, shoulder muscles and facial muscles. We opened up my vocal passageway without stressing the muscles! Sue Anne used a holistic approach. She taught me the anatomy of the face, throat, neck, shoulders and how they all function in singing. I also learned about the diaphragm and the lungs. She explained everything clearly and answered all my questions.

At the end of our lessons together. I was able to sing lower and higher notes like I never dreamed I could! It was an amazing experience. Her lessons made me aware of unhealthy habits in speaking as well as singing, and I was able to make changes in my speech in everyday life. I have implemented her exercises and relaxation techniques as a daily routine in my life to be a better speaker and singer. I am so happy I found Sue Anne. You will be too.

Rishma Dhanraj

Sue Anne Gershenzon brings the uncommon element of being deeply sensitive and perceptive to her vocal teaching. Not only is she a natural songbird, but she is a gifted healer as well. A lesson with Sue Anne is like an invitation for one’s spirit to be heard. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning to sing.

Adam Krieger (healer)