Teaching Philosophy

I believe we are all born to sing.
I believe it is our birthright.
It is an expression of joy, the
soaring of one’s soul on vibration.

Teaching Valerie Lonigro
Teaching Valerie Lonigro

There is nothing more exhilarating than beautiful sound soaring fully and freely out of your body. To achieve this, your body needs to be in harmony with itself. This is a process!

I try to guide each student to the essence of his or her unique sound, and that is accessed through a clear and open instrument. This requires fundamental work on the elements of the voice. There are many technical steps to this process.

  • Opening the throat and freeing it of constriction
  • Balancing and integrating the head and chest registrations
  • Vowel and resonance purification
  • Breathing coordination and strengthening
  • Body awareness and relaxation

Each individual has unique challenges that can block the voice on many levels. These can also be addressed. My approach is a holistic one. When your instrument is in a healthy balance you can sing in any forum.

The goal is effortless vocal communication. I look forward to helping anyone who would like that for themselves.

Open to the Sound of You

What My Students Say:

Sue Anne is much more than an amazing vocal teacher. Having met her and taking her voice lessons, with her holistic approach, honestly changed my life…” Rachel T. read more

Sue Anne is an incredible voice teacher. I have had more than 5 voice teachers and she is by far the best… ” Elise G. read more